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The advanced 300 hr Yoga teachers training is about an inward voyage, instead of advancing in asanas the focus it to deepen a relationship with our subtle programing, and in turn brings us closer to the understanding and relationship with our self. An inward journey integrated with focus on the seven main Chakras. Exploring each chakra for three days in a combination of theory and practical application. This training is for those ready to make change and learn tools for self-transformation.

This course is in combination of theory and practical by deepening your relationship with self and have comprehensive understanding of the Chakras and their significance on physical body and daily life. This deepens our understanding to physiological and psychological connection and allows for a better quality of life. Our intention is to share knowledge from what we have learned, experienced and continue to study. Unlike the majority of teacher trainings, our focus will not rest only on asana practice yet more focused on the unseen bodies through the integration of subtle yogic exercises and nada yoga. Students completing the course will be empowered to having more self awareness and knowledge of the chakra system with tools for transformation.

Chakras or the subtle energy centers have direct correlation with our physical make up and emotional state. When we journey into the unseen world of the chakras, become venerable to see what is held within us and this initiates healing and transformation. You can metaphorically think of it like cleaning your closet of which no longer serves any purpose. It could be a limiting belief or a habitual pattern which inhibit you from conscious living. This inward journey takes courage and inner strength yet the gifts are beyond words and allow one to find clarity, self-acceptance and self-love.

This advanced chakra based Yoga Teacher Training is designed for those who have a year minimum in regular practice of yoga or have completed 200 hour YTT or equivalent to one month training. We are open to discuss your interests in joining if you do not meet suggested qualifications.

The Program Includes:

  • In depth study of the seven major Chakras
  • Practice of asana in relation to the Chakra system / elemental connection
  • Subtle anatomy and physiology
  • Pranayama and Kriyas
  • Asanas connected with the specific chakras
  • Meditations
  • Sun gazing
  • Yoga Nidra (reprogramming your subconscious)
  • Nada yoga (mantra, chanting, singing, voice freedom, sound journeys)
  • Teaching practice (Asana, or blend of theory and practical)
  • Ceremonies
  • Philosophy
300 Hr Yoga Teacher Training Bali 2015

We are like the lights of the rainbow, and when we connect with the chakras consciously our lights shine out to all

For the first three weeks we will work specifically with one Chakra every three days, integrating a variety of practices to explore the relationship at each level using appropriate asana, meditation and other relevant exercises. We will experience the associations of each chakra before releasing and transforming energy blockages.

The final week will be focused on integrating the study, healing and transformation. During this time students will teach their own compositional class based on the curriculum studied throughout the previous weeks. There will also be a written examination on subtle anatomy.

“Details of What is Covered in the Syllabus”

Anatomy of Body and Spirit: We will learn how the body’s physiology responds to the energy within the Chakras, specifically exploring the endocrine system and its influence on our overall physical wellbeing.

Asana: The style of asana taught is a combination of Hatha yoga and Vinyasa Flow. There will be an emphasis on which asanas influence corresponding Chakras.

Meditation: This word can be intimidating to those who have never created time to still the body and mind. The word Meditation covers a huge amount of territory with many definitions. In this training we will offer three different techniques with the option on the last week to focus on the style that works best for you and strengthen it with constant practice. We will explore the difference of meditation in movement and stillness. There is not one single way that works best for everybody. It is through direct experience that we can discover our own most effective technique.

Kriyas: We will use ancient cleansing techniques to connect to the subtle body and balance the flow of energy, cleaning our self’s from the inside out.

Pranayama: Learn to teach basic Pranayama, as you build a daily practice of various Pranayama exercises including some uncommon ones.

Prana Vayus: Prana manifests within the body as five major vayus (air). We will study where they are and how they work within our physical and subtle bodies.

Sun Gazing: Learn how to tap into the first source of prana from the sun. This powerful ancient technique helps one to connect with the universal solar energies and connect it within your own solar center.

Healing: Learn different healing modalities through touch, basic shiatsu and sound.

Group Healing: We will share techniques from different healing modalities, through sound, touch and group intention. Each person will receive a healing session from the group during the course.

Silence: A space for silence will be created most mornings until the first lecture. We will be in silence one day per week during the course which will allow for deeper inner reflection and rest from interaction.

Yoga Nidra: We will tap into unconscious programming with guided deep relaxation. Learn how to sequence a journey through the koshas (subtle bodies) for energy rebalancing.

Nada Yoga: Using mantra, songs , sound journeys, freedom with voice work, we will connect to the vibration of sound and experience how it can take us within and free energy blockages.

This training is NOT accredited with Yoga Alliance yet we do offer certification upon completion with our school.


7:15-8:15 Pranayama

8:30-10:00 Asana

10:00-11:00 Breakfast (silence)

11:00-1:00 Chakra theory and exercises

1:00-1:30 Lunch

1:30-3:30 Free time

3:30-4:30 Group time

4:30-6:00 Various practices including Nada Yoga, Yoga Nidra and teaching practice

6:30-7:00 Light dinner

7:00-8:30 Evening Program

There will be an evening program two nights per week, which may include a talk, video or other activity. The morning schedule is subject to change.

“Pre-Requisites for Applying”

Interested participants are suggested they have completed a 200hr Teacher Training course so the basic knowledge of yoga asana yet not mandatory if the student has years of personal experience and practice of Asana

  • Have been practicing yoga for over one year
  • Would like to have or strengthen a personal practice
  • Emotionally stable
  • Ready to go within and experience your self more fully
  • Ready for personal transformation and a life changing experience

  • The cost includes
  • Three healthy meals per day
  • Training Manual
  • Transportation to and from Chiang mai to the venue
  • Shared accommodations
  • Songs, sound journeys
  • Wisdom and knowledge of three experienced and gifted teachers.

Payment choices

 After You Have Been Accepted:

If your application has been selected then there are suggested practices one can prepare for. The specifications will be sent after you have been notified of acceptance.

Accommodations are based on double occupancy.

What is NOT included?

  • Air fare
  • Visitor Visa
  • Tips for staff at venue


To assist in selecting only serious applicants a $200 deposit is required at the time of application. This fee will go towards the payment of the course. If you are not selected, your money will be fully refunded. The full payment is required three months before the course. If you have an emergency and are unable to make the training we will apply the funds toward future trainings.

Application Form:

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We are registered with Yoga Alliance. If you successfully complete the course you may register your self with Yoga Alliance for an additional fee.

Why Apply to Our Course?

  • Study from experienced, passionate teachers who live the teachings of yoga
  • Our teachers have a great sense of humor. We can laugh at our selves by not being too serious!
  • Deepen your personal practice
  • An Intimant group not exceed 12 students, which offers much more attention to you and your transformation
  • Expand your knowledge and understanding of the subtle body
  • Create a healthy habit of a daily practice
  • Become inspired!
  • Feel supported and encouraged
  • Our venue Mandala Bali  is beautiful and located close to nature  and the ocean in Bali
  • Teachers all have personal experience, knowledge and understanding in the subjects we are sharing
  • We offer an integrated experience through both theory and practical application

Venue & Location

Course Venue Yoga

The first imagine of the Yoga Hall and the second Imagine of our Ocean view you which supports a journey of self transformation.