We are creating a one of a kind journey that will be held in complete silence for all participants.  Not only will we be silencing the voice, we will also incorporate the majority of our practices with closed eyes and sometimes closed ears also.  We are exploring the yogic practice known as Pratyahara, or withdrawing the mind from the external sense world.  A mind perpetually focused on the external cannot know the deeper facets of consciousness.   It is here that all the questions we have ever had are answered, until questioning eventually drops and we discover the greatest stillness.

In our experience, we have found it challenging to find a place to safely explore extended deprivation that extends beyond the voice in a guided group setting.  This is why we have chosen to create this unique retreat.


Often we look outside ourselves for answers and validation instead of slowing down, getting silent and seeing what arises.  Life may appear too busy or laden with responsibilities to cultivate the time for personal retreat.  For some, we may lack the self-discipline required to work and create lasting shifts in personal awakening.  When we join as a sangha (like-minded, spiritual family) we can create an environment that supports and encourages processes that may lead to a more abiding sense of self.

Darkness or deprivation is an ancient Tibetan practice created to bring one to a space that is  ‘absent of light’.  Originally this practice was taken from years to decades to aid the monks in learning to navigate the space between death and the next rebirth and also cultivating the rainbow light body.  This practice in its gentler form is now being revived all over the world as a means to naturally facilitate shifts in consciousness.  Tao Master, Mantak Chia has also written extensively on the benefits of this practice.  Although we will not be entering a deprivation chamber we can begin to open ourselves SLOWLY to this powerful practice.