Rishikesh, India

Pranayama intensive training

April 13-May 03 2014
10km from Rishikesh,India

Focus on the Sacred breath, raising ones personal vibration, tuning into the subtle energies while consciously connecting with the elements and having a guided practice of Pranayama, and yoga Asana  for 3 wks.

This intensive is for those who want to go deeper within into as the focus is into the subtle bodies of the Pancha koshas, the Prana vayus, Chakras that connect us with our inner elements. Through the use of conscious breathing, pranayama,meditation,mantras, sounding and the use of Nada yoga ( yoga of sound


This training includes practice of Asana, Pranamaya, kriyas, Mudras, Bandhas, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Chanting, Nada Yoga and teachings on overall Yogic Philosophy.

Instead of just flexing muscles, ligaments and tendons or modulating physiological make-up, the integration of Pranayama with asana and other yogic practices also works on Nadis (subtle conduit or carrier of prana) for a deeper transformation.

In this intensive you build a healthy habit of breathing exercises and understand the diverse benefits of pranayama by daily practice of various techniques which includes warm-up, relaxation, balancing, tranquilizing, cleansing and clearing energy blockages with regular insight into the study of Panchakoshas (Five Vital Bodies), Panchvayus (Five Vital Airs), Bandhas (Locks), Mudras (Psychic Gestures), Chakras (Subtle Energy Centers) and overall understating of Respiratory System.