Soul Journeys of Sound, are unique to each journey. They allow one to travel deep within the soul effortlessly- healing the mind and body.

Each journey may take you to a different destination in mind, body or beyond. The more one is open to the experience, the deeper one can go. This heart-based experience offers the participant a unique journey into the self. Go beyond the physical and tune into the personal vibrations of emotions to discover what elements within you are flowing, blocked or desire healing.

Journeys are an effortless way to access deep states of relaxation and reprogram the subconscious- where our main programming actually exists.

Each journey is different. Sometimes we all sound together, unifying the group’s energy. Other times participants begin by lying down and relaxing. One only needs to be open to receive the various healing sounds that will bathe your body and heal your soul. Various instruments include the gong, Tibetan Bowls, didgeridoo, a native drum, the flute, the voice & rattles.

The Healing power of Sound vibration

Every body needs a certain sound or rhythm for their own personal growth and this is another reason various instruments are used. If you think about it everything we see with our eyes holds a vibration. Our emotions,organs and thought vibrate, this has been recognised in Chinese medicine, & Ayuveda. When we use specific sounds on the body , the vibrations move like waves in a still ocean and the sub particles of the sound go into the areas within our bodies that are of need of healing or harmony,like a sponge soaks up energy blocks in the body. The power of sound can transform cellular structure in a group sound healing or private session. A sound healing activates our subconscious which is where we hold our programmed beliefs, yet have the power to change any unwanted belief if we can assess this part of the brain.  A hypnotherapy or Yoga nidra session accesses the same subconscious part of the brain if facilitated correctly.



Some comments from participants after a Sound journey

“I have done Ayahuasca and this was far more powerful”

“I have never felt so relaxed before in my life”

“I had a headache before i came and now its completely gone”

“I got the answers I was looking for”

“I am not sure where i went or even what happened yet i feel great”

“I didn’t know sound could take me so far”

“That was amazing!”