Healing Defined by Webster’s Dictionary:

“To make or become sound or whole

From the beginning of time all Indigenous and ancient cultures all over the world have used the element of sound. These Peoples have employed sound for healing, invoking spirits, ceremony and transforming consciousness. Some of the methods used have been with the voice, rattles and drums among many other instruments.

Sound is the essence of creation. Many ancient traditions believed that sound created the universe. Sound was considered to be the vehicle that moved and created energy. The Christian Bible quotes, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” (KJV John 1:1). From India’s Vedic scriptures comes the term Nada Brahama which means, “the primal sound of being creating the word Aum.”

Everything you see with your eyes has a vibration and creates a sound. We are unable to hear all the sounds at once, due to our limited hearing capacity.

All things in life vibrate due to the movement of electrons and protons of every atom, molecule and substance. Quantum Mechanics has proven that the substance of matter is vibration and nothing solid exists in the universe. Matter is simply a collection of vibrating waves of energy. Anything that vibrates produces a sound; some we can hear and some we cannot. The vibration creates a phenomenon referred to as waveforms.

On a cellular level, our bodies are composed of a nucleus surrounded by endlessly rotating waves of energy. When we hear a noise in our environment we are really experiencing these waves occurring at a certain frequency: the number of sound waves per second. Frequency is expressed in cycles per second, a measurement called Hertz. Each Hertz measurements can be thought of as pulses of sound. The higher the sound frequency, the faster the waves are moving.

Everything living thing, human or animal, holds a vibrational frequency. This may be expressed by some by having an instant “good vibe” or “bad vibes” when meeting another person. We usually do not see this energy with our eyes yet everyone has experienced this subtle level of communication.

Sound has the potential to be healing, nourishing food for our mind, body and soul. Certain music stimulates and charges the neo-cortex with electrical impulses. Particular sounds make it easy for us to relax which then influences the para-sympathetic nervous system, assisting our body into homeostasis. The opposite effect can also occur with disruptive sounds, influencing the sympathetic nervous system which brings stress to all systems of the body. A jack hammer sound has a different response to the body then classical music.

Nada yogis incorporate the full spectrum of frequencies, both those that are audible to the human ear and those that are inaudible, within the field of their yoga practice. This means that all forms of earthly music, the sounds of space, and even the entire electromagnetic spectrum of frequencies are included within this range of perception.

The auditory system is connected to every muscle in the body, interacts with the cranial nerves that send information to and from the brain and maintains balance and harmony within.

When we make a vibrational sound the sound wave transforms into information that is transported into molecules within the body. This is the stage when disease can be healed or created with in the body. It is important to note that our thoughts also hold a vibrational frequency that can harm or heal the body.

Our emotions flow in one of two ways: when there is an expansive sensation, this makes us feel good, activating positive vibrations of coherence such as love, appreciation or gratitude. Transversely, negative vibrations are feelings also known as incoherence which is recognized as a sensation of contraction such as fear, hate or guilt.

Thoughts and feelings transfer from our emotional body into our physical. When we direct our thoughts, feelings and words with consciousness awareness into positive vibration this helps guide our life by attracting people, events and situations of a positive nature. The same happens if we choice to dilute our life with negative thoughts, people and entertainment . If you can imagine it in your mind then you can believe it to be true.

Our suppressed emotions are stored in the body in formless energy centers known as Chakras until we are ready to open these areas and look at what we are holding or suppressing.

The human body is a bio-electric system that can be altered, strengthened and balanced by vibration, be that the vibration of our positive or negative thoughts, words, emotions, the use of our voice, musical instruments, Tibetan/ crystal bowls, the sound of the ocean, or birds singing. Sound effects our whole nervous system. Whatever the modality of vibration there will be a shift inside the physical and energetic body that can heal or harm. The process begins with your thoughts as they vibrate- this is why intention is so important as it has the power to break up, replace, alter or strengthen cells within the body. There is the potential to create balance or disorder depending on the thoughts you hold. The vibration of your thoughts actually emanates from your personal energy field.


Using sound with intention (energy travelling in the direction of your thoughts) directs sound waves that go into the body to heal, transform, and transmute energy. Sound and vibration effects everyone individually based on their spiritual connections and emotional body as well as previous and present life experiences. What sounds good to one person may not sound good to another.

More people are starting to awaken and realize that their lives can be changed, that we have the power to change simply through the vehicle of choice and the desire to create. One can reform old limited belief patterns and conditioning through the use of sound, positive thoughts and intention. We create with words and sound. Words are powerful as they can harm or heal another person. Almost all our actions and reactions result from words. Beneath these words are the vibrations of the tone upon which they travel. Tone, a form of sound, is the underlying force operating in our lives.

A sound healing session helps to transform trapped and suppressed emotions, traumas or fears that are stored unaddressed within the body’s cells, tissues, organs and bones. When sounds goes into different parts of the body the vibration fused with our intention assists in breaking up the cellular structure of trapped energy in the cells.

Some of the sound tools used are Didgeridoo, flute, Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, drum, and voice (mantras, over toning organic sounds) played on the various acupressure points of the body

A sound healing session assists you in to realignment balance, and harmony. Sound healing sessions can be powerful, transformative, relaxing and healing.

Sound Healing Sessions 

Private sessions or Group Sound Healing journeys 

Sound Healing: Each session is unique for each individual. In combination to the client’s intention, beliefs, frequency, and sound tools used, as to how a session unfolds. One thing for certain with a open heart and mind the results are 100% aligning one to feel good and harmonious. Sound is a way to transform blocked energy, emotions, and cellular structure.There are two options for a Sound Healing session one is active other is passive. Each session is about 75 min.

Active Session: is when the client knows exactly what they want to release in the form of an event, deep wounded emotion (trauma). The incoherent frequency is transformed through a dialogue. Tracking the root of the problem with in the body and mind with the use of intention, voice, sound tools and love. The client is fully engaged in this participation.

Passive Session: This is usually given when one is in need of balance, support, or rejuvenation. The client simply lets go and relaxes after the intention is set, and various sound tools are used to rejuvenate, and replenish and renew the body by transforming stuck or blocked energy.

Price of Sessions: private session $90 for one session usually last 1.5 hour includes consultation.

Group BookingsIf your interested in hiring a group sound healing session this can be arranged, many factors involved to determine the cost please send a email to communication your specific’s.

Sound Healing workshop also offered please see Sound Healing workshop

Sound healing tools

  1. Tibetan sound healing bowls
  2. Crystal bowls
  3. Tuning forks
  4. The didgeridoo
  5. The human voice
  6. Toning exercises
  7. The Nervous System

  8. Mantras



Tibetan Sound-Healing Bowls

The Singing Bowls, also know as Tibetan bowls, originated in the pre-Buddhist Shamanic Bon Po culture of the Himalayas. These mysterious and powerful bowls produce a rich sonic vibration that alter mind, space, and time. They are a great tool used for healing and meditation. Singing bowls have been produced in India, Bhutan, Sikkim, China, Burma, Nepal, Mongolia, and Afghanistan.

There is not a lot of recorded information about these powerful sound tools. Traditionally they were made with seven metal alloys; some bowls having three metal alloys and as many as twelve metals, with the addition of meteorite, precious, and semi precious stones. The seven common metals are gold, silver, mercury, copper, iron, tin, and lead. Each of the metals corresponds to a different planet that emanates at a different frequency.
The frequency of sound with each singing bowl is uniquely different. There are many factors involved that affect the sound. For example, which metals created the bowl; the size of bowl; the size of mallet used to strike the bowl; and if it is played alone or simultaneously with other bowls.

Making the bowl to sound or sing can be done in a few different ways. The two most common ways are:

  1. Using a wooden mallet to circle around the outside rim of the bowl, continuously keeping equal pressure as you keep this motion. The vibration starts to release down and outwards, and the sound increases with your constant motion.

  2. Gently hitting the outside of the bowl with a padded mallet, creating an outward vibration.

One thing is certain: Singing bowls have a great effect on the mind, body, and soul. The sounds of the bowls awaken cellular memory, and permeate the aura with healing energy. They also balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain, bringing brain waves from the beta wave of 13-30 hertz (the normal daily functional waves) to entering into the alpha state of 8-13 hertz (when one is relaxed and calm). The next state that follows is the theta state of 4-7 hertz, which is the state that occurs between waking and sleeping. The deepest state is the delta state, which is less than 4 hertz, and which occurs during dreamless sleep.

Singing bowls, as well as metal gongs, have a powerful effect on healing the body. In the U.S.A., some medical doctors are working with the power of sound using the singing bowls and gongs on their patients to assist with the removal of blocks; stagnant energy; relieving insomnia; psychosomatic complaints; cancer; AIDS; stress; and other illnesses.

When a singing bowl is played on or near the body, the vibrations go into the whole body, helping to remove blocks and stagnant energy. Sound moves four times faster in water than air, and the human body consists of 80% water; which in turn allows for deep levels of healing and releasing to take place.
The Tibetan Singing Bowls are mysterious, yet extremely powerful. Every individual will have a different experience with them. Whether they are played directly on the body or heard at a distance, the vibrations are felt.