Sequoia Henning

Sequoia has been living, studying and teaching internationally for more than 15 years mainly in S.E. Asia with India being the most frequented. Influenced by her passions and love for the teachings of Yoga, Buddhism, and Indigenous cultures of North/South Americans and Sound healing.

Her life has been and continues to be a consistent cultivation of her spiritual development, from her personal experiences, practice and ongoing study. Her core values shine through in her teachings and healings with integrity, truth, compassion and humor.

Sequoia’s passion for life was heightened through her personal self-healing journey from hapan illness that she healed her self. Now Sequoia shares through inspiration, encouragement, and self-healing tool for others to help re-remember the power to change is from the inside out. It all starts by cultivating love for one self, taking responsibility and having gratitude for life.
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Safah Roberts E-RYT500

Safah was blessed to discover yoga nearly fifteen years ago, and her love of this guiding light only continues to blossom and mature. Determined to learn and respect yoga from an Eastern perspective, she received her RYT 200 in Classical Hatha from Life Mission in Gujurat, India. It was here she experienced a practice of deep austerity and exploration into yogic philosophy. She later returned to India to complete her RYT 500, specializing in chakras, pranayam, mantra and meditation.

To balance herself in a western anatomically focused method, she certified in the Core Strength Vinyasa method by Sadie Nardini, and has been heavily influenced by the Dynamic Yoga methods of Godfrey Devereaux. She is experienced in skillfully guiding students through the YTT experience, having co-taught nearly ten intensives, and has over 4000 hours of teaching experience. She travels globally all year joyfully teaching in North America, Asia and Europe.

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Nazareno Grisolia

Nazareno Grisolia was born and raised in a small village of Uruguay, South America.

He started his passion for movement and martial arts started as a young child with Judo, kung fu, sipalki, boxing, karate ( he was like a little ninja). His Martial arts practice helped his concentration, body awareness and commitment to a practice. He was introduced to Yoga in 2004 where you started to practice ashtanga yoga. This again started to inspire a new way to move the body and focus the mind.

Through the practice of meditation and continuous study of Yoga in classes, books and videos he started to see changes with in him self in body and mind as he experimented with his practices and then realized that his mind and body were capable of much more than he ever thought.

He continues to grown and develop his knowledge of Yoga through practices continuing learning.

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Rhiannon Cherokee Wynn

I began my journey with yoga in 2005 when I was lured to “the mat” by the fantasy of getting my arms to look like Madonna’s. Eight years later and I still don’t look anything like Madonna, but I sure feel like a rock star! The practice has helped to transform my life and spirit.

In 2007 I did my first 200 hour Power Vinyasa Teacher Training and haven’t stopped studying and learning. Since then, I’ve completed a chakra based 500 hour Teacher Training, additional Power Vinyasa training and Yin Yoga training. I’ve completed certifications in Partner Acrobatics and Flying Therapeutics, HoopYogini, Aerial Yoga and am currently pursuing completion of my Elemental Yoga Therapy training with Swara Yoga School. There is no one path to happiness and wellness, but I believe that yoga can help most people who seek to feel happy and well.Continue Reading…

Mela Mariposa

Mela 200 Hr RYT

Nurse, nutritionist, student and teacher of yoga

My journey of Yoga started over 4 years ago, as I started to travel through S.E. Asia on my own personal healing journey.

Originally I’m from Switzerland, I have been nursing several years in psychiatric clinics with kids and teenagers.
The practice and teaching of yoga has changed my life, brought me balance, calmness and courage for everyday- challenges to which I love sharing with both yoga students and in the clinics.

My passion of asana style is kundalini yoga, taught from last disciple of Dhirendra Brahmachari, a swiss yoga teacher, Reinhard Gammenthaler. For the past 3 years I dedicated my practice to his tradition, joining him all over the world in practice and continuous study. My classes are based on his yoga tradition with lots of focus on breathing, mudras and bhandas.Continue Reading…

Lougal Jazzar

The son of a symbolist painter, Lougal was born amongst mythological pictures and esoteric imagery. Early on he understood the multiple layers and realities of the world and was always in a quest for deeper knowledge. During his teenage he read extensively about Sufism, alchemy, gnosis and Jungian psychology and tried to find a path of wisdom through martial arts. He took his first yoga class in his early 20s (while still working as a financial analyst in a bank) with a direct student of the European Yoga and Tantra teacher André Van Lysebeth.

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Hamid Ebadi

Hamid was born in Tehran, Iran, and since his early years has lived and travelled in many countries where he has been exposed to different cultures, languages and traditions. Hamid has also travelled since many years a spiritual journey to discover meaning and truth. He studied philosophy in Paris with Jacques Derrida in 1985. Through the years his interest began to shift from academic learning to the pursuit of perennial wisdom.

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