Individual Sound Healing Session

Sound Healing Sessions

Sound Healing sessions are powerfully transformative. A session is a combination with your intention, various sound tools and transmitted through love. There are two kinds of sound healing sessions, either active or passive. Each Sound Healing sessions benefits the whole body. As sound has always been used to alter consciousness, which helps one person to go deep into relaxation.

Active Session

An active session is when the client wants to release trauma or stuck energy. The incoherent vibration (energy block) transforms through dialogue, as we track into back into the root of the problem. The client is fully engaged in this participation.

Passive Session

A passive session is for those who feel exhausted, stressed and is in need of deep relaxation. The client shares their intention, and then simply let’s go. The sound does the rest of the work, to help rejuvenate and replenish the body.

With an open heart and mind, you will feel better than before you came in. Sound Healing is a way to transform blocked energy, emotions and trauma.

Sound Tools include:
Singing bowls
Acutonic Tuning forks


Investment $125  for 75 min

Check out what tools are used in a private session

Sequoia is gave me one of the best Sound Healing sessions I have ever received. From her intuitive guidance in an active session, I was able to remove a very old trauma which caused me physical pain for over 20 years. and one session it was transformed. I highly recommend Sequoia as her wisdom, knowledge and presence was displayedout the whole session. Tammy Johnson- Kelowna B.C Canada