Sound Healing Workshop

Sound Healing

A two day introduction to Sound Healing


Day 1: The Voice, the most powerful instrument & tool we have built within us.

  • Build a healthy relationship with your voice.
  • Learn how to give a sound healing session using voice alone.
  • Intro to Mantras, giving voice to the soul.
  • Toning, a safe and easy way to express and transform energy blocks. 

Day 2: Sound Tools, Singing Bowls, Rattles and other Sound Tools.

  • Discover how to use singing bowls for healing, using one, two or three bowls. (There will be extra bowls to borrow at the workshop.)
  • What is required in offering a successful sound healing session.
  • How the rattles can cleanse and clear the energy field
  • What are other sound tools which can be intergrated in a sound healing session.

Next Sound Healing Workshop May 30,31 2020 near Nelson, BC

Two-day workshop  10:00-5:00 pm $333 with a 30 min lunch break. To reserve your seat a $100 non-refundable deposit is required. 

Healing with Tibetan Bowls

Can not make this sound healing workshop? Host one in your community.


 Minimum 7 people required 

Additional travel costs

The host would arrange accommodation and receive a percentage for organizing the event. 

Contact Sequoia for more details