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The Path of The Sound Healer

What will be Covered in Level 1 

Answering the Call: The Basics & Beyond

Philosophy & Theory

  • Exploring a fundamental basis for sound healing
  • Honouring ancient traditions as well as contemporary science
  • The current demand and evolution of sound practitioners
  • Know your body as a primary sound healing instrument
  • The inner and outer world of sound, frequency and vibration
  • Sound as a Path to deepen in daily practice, ritual, healthy lifestyle.

The Empowering Freedom of Your Voice

  • Transform judgement, suppression and reclaim a healthy relationship through the medicine of your voice
  • Cultivate a compassionate wisdom to hearing and using your own voice
  • Explore how your voice can harmonize and balance your body and energy centers
  • The voice, the vagus nerve and regulating the nervous system.
  • Discover the creative Power of the Word, which have a direct effect on your personal vibration, state of mind and overall quality of life.

Singing Bowls

  • An introduction to Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls
  • Bowl techniques for physical space, clearing and attuning
  • Techniques for healing the body, singing bowl massage
  • How to ease menstrual discomfort using a singing bowl
  • Selecting the best bowl for you
  • How to piece together a set of bowls
  • How musical intervals work in sound healing
  • Meditating with Singing Bowls
  • Learn how sound heals the nervous system and cellular structure

Mantras, Giving Voice to Your Soul

  • Learn Mantras for heart centering as a discipline for a balanced life
  • Drawing upon in the footsteps of Ancient practices.
  • How mantras effect your brain state
  • How to create a home practice, with a solid foundation


Level 1 Sept, 29, 30, Oct 1 in Edmonton Alberta

Early Bird Registration is $650

After Aug 31 regular tuition is $777    Payment plans are available

WHY: the medicine of the future will be music and sound. – Edger Cayce
WHAT: An integrated blend of ancient and modern practices and theory based on science and spirit.

HOW: Simple and powerful tools  to promote relaxation and healing.
WHO:  The curious, practitioners, and therapists

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer cutting-edge training that integrates the theory, science and spirit into a professional practice of sound healing through an embodied journey of transformation, mentorship and community.  

What Makes Our Training Stand Out? 

  • Provided are 2 x 1 hour group calls after the training for additional support, check-ins, questions, answers and inspiration.
  • Our training fee includes a 90 min Sound Journey Sat Sept 29th
  • The collective experience between the two teachers is more than 35 years. 
  • We are creating a course which builds upon itself. 

Our Core Values

    • RESPECT – Practicing and deepening with humility, towards a better understanding for all of Creation as a way of life
    • AUTHENTICITY – Honouring traditions, and teachers, while acknowledging the need to innovate in modern times
    • HEART CENTERED – Acknowledging we are a expression of multiple intelligences, yet as sound healing comes from the heart
    • EMBODIMENT – Integrating mind, body and spirit as an authentic, way of being in every aspect of life
    • INTEGRITY – Relationship with your word, ethics and personal power as a practitioner.

What you will learn 

Level 1 is introduction to the basics and beyond, setting the tone, approach and foundation
for mastery on the path of  sound and healing. 


  • Establishing a basis and the basics of Sound Healing 
  • The fundamental connection between sound and healing 
  • Sound, Consciousness & Brainwave states
  • The language of frequency, sound and resonance
  • Exploring the Intersection of Science and Spirit
  • An Overview of common Sound Healing instruments

Skill Building

  • The Art, Awareness and  Practice of Your Body as an Instrument 
  • A beginners guide to playing Himalayan & Crystal Singing Bowls
  • Harnessing the Healing Potential of your voice 
  • Develop a vocabulary of Personal and Group Sound-Based Body Cleansing Techniques 
  • Immersing into Profound Inner and Outer Sounds


  • Embracing the Healing Calling 
  • A enriched life path and wisdom through the personal practice of Sound and Healing 

Facilitator Sequoia Henning

Sequoia HenningSequoia Henning has invested more than 25 years into the study and practice of holistic healing, yoga and sound medicine. She used the healing power of sound, and breath to heal herself of a serious illness. Sequoia now encourages others to connect to tap in within to use their voice, and empowerment. Sequoia currently offers group, private session of sound healing, and transformation at the Himalaya Salt Cave in Nelson BC.  

Sequoia has studied with various sound teachers from around the globe including, Tom Kenyon, Chole Goodchild, Mirch Nuir, Lisa Murphy, Gina Silal, Two Horses & the Gundecha brothers.

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Facilitator Marcus Fung

Has been meditating for over 20 years exploring the realm of psychosomatic awareness and mind matters phenomena. He blends his experience, knowledge and study in the traditional teachings and lineages of Buddhism, shamanic practices, the spiritual wisdom of plants and ancestral ritual. 

He compliments this with his studies in contemporary therapies such as breathwork, laughter yoga, expressive arts and sound healing. As a facilitator, educator, creative and musician for the last 15 years, he has found that intention, sound and rhythm are at the core of his healing work. He practices regularly in his community refining and deepening his understanding. He leads a diversity of populations in expressive arts based interventions, and group therapies that range from ritual, drumming circles, sound healing, journeys, storytelling, singalongs, and creative moment

Save $127 with Etransfer Earlybird by Aug. 31st

Etransfer: $650 – Send to and drop a message that you will be have sent payment.  

Paypal: PayPal.Me/SoundHealerlevel1 add an additional 3% of Training

Credit Card: $650 + $43.59 Service

EventBrite/CC: $650 + $43 fee Link below

Not able to pay for the event in full?
Secure Your spot with a $200 Non refundable fee.

Pay full amount before Aug 31 to save $127 with Early Bird.

*Payment plan is available giving two payments of $390, which must be paid in full on the day of the training. Send message to arrange payment plan.

*Any additional fees is the responsible of the participant

* Avoid any fees by sending a etransfer

If you would like to save fees register before Aug 31 and send us a etransfer, drop us a DM or click on the event bright link below.

A LIVE Q&A Will be made to answer any and all questions concerning if this training is for you…

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Send an etransfer to save the extra fees. Pay before Aug 31 and pay only $650 regular price is $777


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