Feeling Soul Good the Alchemy of Yoga and Sound

People from all over the world are drawn to and inspired by yoga because it truly is a transformative practice. Though gentle in nature, it is profound. And, if you approach it with a sense of openness and you are consistent, you’ll notice positive shifts in both your body and mind.

Yoga works on the subtle level, bringing about a sense of groundedness, tranquility, and balance. And because all life is energy and, essentially, sound vibrations, when you combine yoga with sound therapy, you enhance the effects of both. In doing so, you’re able to bring about truly dramatic changes.

Our Goal at Feeling Soul Good

Everyone should “feel soul good,” and we believe this is possible by integrating a mix of Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga with healing sounds. Our intention is to plant seeds of light in all those who practice with us so that they can feel good inside and out and then shine that light towards everyone they encounter.

Through yoga and sound therapy, you’ll connect with your divine essence, become more present in every moment, and ultimately be able to live your life while “feeling soul good.” Many who participate are so inspired that they want to share this gift with others by taking our 200 and 300 Hr Yoga Teacher Training in Bali.

Beyond Yoga

In addition to practicing yoga asanas, we place an emphasis upon pranayama breathing techniques that slow the breath down and allow us to dive into a meditative state. And by practicing Nada Yoga, which incorporates mantras, singing, and toning, we also free the voice and heal the body by recreating sacred sounds.

Join Us to Learn, Laugh, and Connect with Your Inner Light

Life is a journey, and it’s an opportunity to be inspired, to laugh, and to enjoy every moment of discovery. It’s in our nature to live life to the fullest, to have courage to stand tall, and to follow our hearts, and you can tap into that through yoga, pranayama, and the chanting and singing of ancient sounds.

Join us for one of our yoga or sound healing events. You’ll work with experienced teachers who have years of wisdom and experience to impart upon you so that you can lead a more fulfilled life. Every venue for our events is carefully selected so that you’ll have the opportunity to connect with Nature, and you’ll also develop a conscious awareness of how food can lead to a healthy body and a clear mind.

The time for change is now. If this is your hearts calling, we would love to have you   join us in Bali on our 200 or 300 Hr Yoga Teacher Training.

Looking for a shorter time commitment? Do you want to learn more about pranayama and free your voice with mantras and sound exploration while living in nature in India?

If you feel this is the perfect option for you register today for our 2 register week Sacred Breath and Sound Intensive.

In the future, we will be hosting a 2 week Pranayama Teacher Trainings. Contact us today if you have any questions. We hope to meet you soon!


200 Hours Yoga Teachers Training, Bali,
Feb 22-March 20, 2015

A Yoga Teachers Training based on unity of Mind, Body and Spirit. The style of Asana is based on uniting the softness of Yin through Hatha and the physical of Yang through Vinyasa to bring equalibrium. Located by the trees and the sea.

300 Hours Yoga Teachers Training, Bali,
April 5- May 8, 2015

An inward journey of self discovery with focus on the subtle bodies of the seven main Chakras. Exploring each chakra for three days in a combination of theory and practical application. This Yoga teachers training is for those ready to make change and learn tools for self-transformation.

Sound Healing
Journeys and

Learn more about healing with Sound. Check out upcoming Sound healing journeys and workshops by visiting the event page.

Sacred Breath and Sound
Oct 4-17, 2015, India

A 2 wk journey into the Sacredness of Breath, Sound, Elements, Ceremony and personal Transformation . Deepen your connection to your breath, and using sound surrounded by the beauty of nature.

  • "Thoughts are an important port of your inner wisdom and they are very powerful. A thought held long enough and repeated often enough becomes a belief. A belief then becomes your biology" –Dr.Christiane Northrup

  • "The mind is no more in the body then music is in the instrument" –Robert Wilson

  • "After silence that which comes closest to expressing the inexpressible is music " –Aldous Huxley

  • "Listen to the wind, it talks ,Listen to the silence it speaks, Listen to your heart , it knows"

  • "Unless you learn to face your own shadows, you will continue to see them in others, because the world outside you is only a reflection of the world inside you"

  • "You and I are essentially infinite choice makers. In every moment of our existence, we are in that field of all possibilities where we have access to an infinity of choices" –Deepak Chopra

  • "Life isn't happening to you, Life is responding to you "