THOUGHT is the body of Sound

SOUND is the body of Light

LIGHT is the body of Consciousness

CONSCIOUSNESS is the body of humanity

The SOUL once made is the body of these


200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

April 10 - May 6, 2016

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Pranayama & Sound Training

Pranayama ~ Nada Yoga ~ Asana ~ Mantra ~ Meditation ~ Yoga Nidra & Ceremony

October 3 - 17 2015

In the nature of Northern India



Everything in the universe is vibration, this includes our bodies, our thoughts and our emotions.

Yogic philosophy describes us as being like the comos: infinite, and all pervading. We are much more than just the physical bodies.

We support and integrate this ancient wisdom into our classes, trainings, and workshops.

Through the yogic practices of Asana poses (the body), Pranayama (the breath), and Nada (sound) we create a sacred space for you to raise your vibration, allowing for a greater flow of life force to increase your vital health in mind and bodies.

It is only through knowing one’s self that one can teach others to know themselves.


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The Yoga Dream

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The Mat Microcosm

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The Yogic Detox
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