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Transforming Fear Into Trust

Fear can only live in our minds if we entertain it, but it can be so subtle and insidious that it’s hard to recognize. Sometimes fear hides behind a mask of anger, depression or isolation. It takes a little deep digging to uncover the truth: that fear is what’s motivating that feeling or lifestyle choice. Wanting…


Boost Your Body Image

We all have unique stories about our bodies, but unfortunately many of us are prevented from loving ourselves fully because of our poor body image. We've heard it all before--how the media perpetuates unhealthy physical standards and the pressure to be "thin" is everywhere, but the truth is this body-hate comes from a fundamental lack…


Listen to Your Body

Our bodies are vehicles that allow us to move freely, explore the earth, and get from A to B. However, we rarely listen to them. I fell in love with yoga history and philosophy during yoga teacher training, because its leaders advocated for people to tune into their bodies, respect them and condition them. Part…


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