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Transforming Fear Into Trust

Fear can only live in our minds if we entertain it, but it can be so subtle and insidious that it’s hard to recognize. Sometimes fear hides behind a mask of anger, depression or isolation. It takes a little deep digging to uncover the truth: that fear is what’s motivating that feeling or lifestyle choice. Wanting…


What Are Chakras

The Sanskrit word chakras translate as “wheel”. Chakras are spiritual energy centers located within the body, which closely reflects our state of health, psychic abilities, spiritual growth and consciousness.  They take form of various vibrating vortexes that spin in from the front and out to the back of the body. There are 7 or 9…


Boost Your Body Image

We all have unique stories about our bodies, but unfortunately many of us are prevented from loving ourselves fully because of our poor body image. We've heard it all before--how the media perpetuates unhealthy physical standards and the pressure to be "thin" is everywhere, but the truth is this body-hate comes from a fundamental lack…


The International Temples Project

Some Buddhist teachers insist that believing in rebirth is necessary for living an ethical life. Their concern is that if there is no fear of karmic repercussions in future lifetimes, what keeps hospice patients, for example, from overcharging their credit cards? I find this argument as sad as the argument that without a belief…


The Healing Power of Smudging

The Healing Power of Smudging  What is smudging?  Smudging is a very ancient practice, which has been used by various indigenous tribes through out the world. It is a way of cleansing the energy field both in the area we are in and around each individual. The smoke and consciousness of the plant work together to purify…


Sound Healing

Sound Healing: The Transformative Power of Sound For thousands of years, people have been using sound to heal and transform their minds, bodies, and spirits. From chanting of mantras in ancient India to the use of singing bowls in Tibet, sound has been recognized as a powerful tool for promoting relaxation, reducing stress, and inducing deep…


3 Ways to Raise your Vibration

3 Simple Ways to Raise Your Personal Vibration Are you in need of an energy boost? Do you experience depression or anxiety? Here are some effective tools to enhance your mental and energetic state. The best part is, these tools are simple and completely free. Try one exercise each day, determine which works best for…


The Health Benefits of Fasting Once A Week

How fasting once a week changed my life I was a teenager when I first heard about fasting.  It wasn’t a topic I’d heard about growing up.  I came to learn about it through Mahatma Gandhi, who devoted his life to his country and spiritual practice. He would fast on Mondays—not only from food, but from speaking too,…


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